Taking your life experiences and turning them into a profitable business that makes a difference in peoples lives, begins here. Once you complete your registration, you will make your first class time and begin building your empire.  
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You are looking for empowerment, encouragement and the way forward–Antiqua is your answer. You are looking for fun, stellar coaching and an absolutely refreshing approach–Antiqua has it all. Sessions with Antiqua are not work. They are the outcome–producing honest and authentic results-focused interactions. Working with Antiqua has given me clear direction and helped me find answers to the questions I had inside of me. Antiqua boosted my confidence and provided solid, actionable steps. Antiqua is absolutely fantastic. Due to her diverse background and experience, she is the person to have by your side if you feel stuck with your overflowing ideas, if you feel that what you have to offer in this world is not valuable, and if you are just plain looking for a holistic, refreshing, honest and experienced coach. I am Elijana Isacs, and I am blessed to have found Antiqua. Thank you, Antiqua, for who you are, and may your light continue to shine and enrich many more lives! Love you, E
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EVERY MOMENT let your PASSION INSPIRE all your RELATIONS for ETERNITY - there is not time like the present to start building your EMPIRE.

Design and put your road map to success into action.
Your vision brought to life, from idea to launch. 

This personalized program is for you if you have MANY interests and dream and don't want to give any of them up. If you have been told you have to pick just one thing, or that you can't do it all.

Antiqua is here to STAND by your side and help you see how ALL of your hearts desires can fit together and how you can create the business of your dreams from them.  

As you move through these 12 strategic sessions to create your dream business and premier Your Own University  Business Academy to support your dreams into a working reality. 


  • Do you feel that ache inside you – calling you to MORE? This program will help you get out of your own way.
  • Have you ever thought of being on Oprah? This program will help you discover how to take leaps toward this goal.
  • Are you sick and tired of TRYING to make your dreams come true, all by yourself? This program will show you how to receive and step into your purpose with ease.
  • Have you felt like you are wandering around and going nowhere because you want to do everything? This program is your roadmap to freedom.
  • "I'm so busy. I need more time to get it all done." Does this sound familiar? This program will give you the secrets so you can stop spinning your wheels, get more accomplished and experience peace. 
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